What we do

Margarita was 13 years old when a cousin came to visit the house for vacations. He raped her. She told her mother who almost killed her, blaming her it was her fault. Margarita attempted suicide. When she recovered, she ran away from her house. She was pregnant.
There is much to like about Bolivia, which is a culturally and ethnically diverse country but the country also counts the highest figures for poverty and sexual violence in South America.
UN studies show one in every three women in Bolivia experience some kind of sexual abuse before the age of 18, mostly within the family. It happens in all the social strata, but the most affected are the low-income sectors, as therapies are long term and expensive, and the complex legal system requires money to follow through.
These high rates are fuel by machismo culture. Machismo culture is a Latin American term of patriarchy. Which influence legislators, police, medical staff, family and the community.
Colibrí Center promotes social development and gender equality within the family and the community.

    1. Training center

      For women:
      To empower women through integral pieces of a support system to overcome poverty and gender inequality.
      Training to develop skills in local and international cuisine, bread, cakes, desserts, yoga, acting, floral arrangement, self-defense, event production, sewing, embroidery, handicrafts, loom tapestry weaving.

      For children and adolescents:
      – We offer a creative and specialized curriculum to develop a new mindset and motivation to learn by doing.
      – Training in singing, guitar, charango, piano, violin, flute, painting, acting, self-defense, dancing, ballet, drawing, and foreign languages.
      – Thinking in an integral development during childhood, Centro Colibrí connects to services for counseling in different areas as speech disorders, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, and dyslexia.

    2. Support system for victims of sexual violence.

      you are amazing, you are brave, a mirror with these lines written to reflect one-selfWe guide sexually abused women to heal, transform and to transcend the unresolved pain of trauma. Offering access to:
      – Counseling and therapies.
      – Legal and medical assistance.
      – Gatherings with other women facing similar situations,
      – Self-help workshops performed by professionals.
      – Making different handicrafts as a therapeutic way and to support them to be self-sufficient.

    3. Advocacy campaigns:

      To promote gender equality we offer workshops, fairs, and campaigns for women, men, and the family. Addressing topics as: Healthy couples, parenting, pregnancy time, adult life, wellness, healthy eating, how to address violence, depression, learning difficulties in children and more. Also, group painting workshops to enhance our self-esteem and manage stress.