About Us

Centro Colibrí, a space that promotes social development of Montero. A place that promotes gender equality and respect for every member of the family but especially females. Helping to raise strong and united families. It is a place where children develop skills and a new mindset for life. A space to empower women through integral pieces of a support system to overcome poverty and gender inequalities. It is a referral center that connects women and the family to important service providers in the areas of health, advocacy, economics, and legal aid. 

Our Mission:

       Discovering passions and talents,

       Breaking silence and building bridges towards empowering, inclusion, awareness and healing.

       Creating opportunities focusing on children and women.

Our Vision:

A new generation of empowered women and men, breaking the chain of poverty, sexual violence, and gender stereotypes, to improve their quality of life and contribute to the development of Bolivia.

Our values:

     Empowerment:   Assisting our beneficiaries to break the chain of poverty, sexual violence, and gender inequality.

      Creativity: Boosting to develop new talents and creativeness.

      Equity: Identifying the problem to reduce the gaps between the beneficiaries.

      Integration: Allowing the beneficiaries to speak their voice and feel part of the family and the community.

      Transformation: Guiding the beneficiaries to heal, transform and to transcend their unresolved circumstances.


      Towards equality and social change.

      Transformation from inside, restoring self-respect. 

      Developing new talents, passion, and mindset.