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We empower women through integral pieces of a support system to overcome poverty and gender inequalities. It is a referral center that connects women and the family to important service providers in the areas of health, advocacy, economics, and legal aid.

It is a place where children develop skills and a new mindset for life.

Promoting gender equality and respect for every member of the family, helping to raise strong – united families and the social development of Montero, Bolivia.


  • Discovering passions and talents,
  • Breaking silence and building bridges towards empowering, inclusion, awareness and healing.
  • Creating opportunities focusing on children and women.


A new generation of empowered women and men, breaking the chain of poverty, sexual violence, and gender stereotypes, to improve their quality of life and contribute to the development of Bolivia.


  • Towards equality and social change.
  • Transformation from inside, restoring self-respect.
  • Developing new talents, passion, and mindset.


  • Empowerment: Assisting our beneficiaries to break the chain of poverty, sexual violence, and gender inequality.
  • Creativity: Boosting to develop new talents and creativeness.
  • Equity: Identifying the problem to reduce the gaps between the beneficiaries.
  • Integration: Allowing the beneficiaries to speak their voice and feel part of the family and the community.
  • Transformation: Guiding the beneficiaries to heal, transform and transcend their unresolved circumstances.